Speed Running The Sims 3 is Apparently a Thing. A Horrible Murderous Thing

By Leon Hurley on at

I'm not sure speed runs for The Sims 3 strictly count but Youtuber NeverNotKicking has decided he's 'finished' the game in a three minute video that's at least a minute of a woman on fire.

His reasoning is that by choosing the Gold Digger lifetime wish the game is then over when he achieves it. Cue the fastest courtship ever followed by a small room with nothing in it but an open fire and a clumsy bride.

According to NeverNotKicking, who apparently likes to do things fast, loud and without spell checks: "THIS SPEEDRUN WAS AN ARDUDUOUS CHALLENGE AND IT WAS VERY DIFFICULT BUT I AM PLEASE TO ANNOUNCE THAT I HAVE ACHEVED THE WORLD RECROD RUN".

The Sims 3 SPEED RUN (00:03:06) [NeverNotKicking]